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Medical & life sciences translation

Recently, medicine has started to develop rapidly, so as its language. There are advanced methods of diagnosis and therapy, and medical terminology is supplemented with new concepts and notations.

With the emergence of medical and pharmaceutical activities on the international arena, there was an urgent need to translate medical records, which are highlighted in a separate branch of the translation business. To date, medical translation - one of the most complex, and at the same time, the required types of translation.

Medicine is one of the industries for which accuracy in everything matters. If a mistake is made in the translation, it can cost the patient’s health, and sometimes even his life. Therefore, it is very important to implement medical translation at a high professional level. A translator working with such material should not only perfectly master the language, but also be dedicated to all the subtleties, complexities and nuances of medical terminology.

Medical Translation

Medical translation is a rather complex and specific type of activity that only professional translators should deal with. Having only linguistic skills in this field is not enough, one must have profound knowledge in the field of medicine. This area covers a huge number of documents. The pharmaceutical industry, the production of medical and laboratory equipment, scientific articles in the field of the latest achievements of medicine - all these is of a global nature. Therefore, the need for quality medical translation is growing daily.

Medical translation is a complex translation task. After all, medical texts are rich in special terminology, abbreviations, and the essence of what is written, as a rule, is understandable only to people with a special education. Thus, medical translation is performed by translators with medical education, or such translations are thoroughly deducted by medical editors after translation by a regular certified translator.

The translated material must contain carefully verified medical terminology, so as not to be the cause of inaccurate diagnosis, misinterpretation of scientific achievements, and, as a result, rough mistakes in professional activity.

Features of medical translation

Without any doubt medical translation, is a special part of translation activity. Uniqueness of this variety of work is explained by the great responsibility placed on the specialist who works with it. Precision in this matter is essential, since the life and health of people very often depends on this. The slightest inaccuracy in the explanations can become fatal for a person. Each word must be translated correctly, otherwise the consequences can be irreversible for a real individual.

Similarly, the translation of medical texts requires knowledge or understanding of Latin. For example, in a certificate from an ophthalmologist, one can find abbreviations OD, OS, which are deciphered in Latin as oculus dexter, oculus sinister (right and left eye), which can confound the usual translator. In addition, the names of chemicals, microorganisms and diagnoses are often given in Latin.

Starting the translation process, the performer may face a number of difficulties. First, the specific terminology, which abounds in the medical field, requires an accurate interpretation. Secondly, a huge number of reductions also significantly complicates the process for those who have not previously encountered with similar expressions.

Translation of personal medical documents

These days, more and more specialists have to translate personal medical documents (medical records, medical histories, test results, examinations, etc.), necessary, for example, for the patient to go abroad for treatment or to arrange insurance. Working on translations of this kind, specialists face a number of difficulties. First and foremost, not all translators are dedicated to the wisdom of special medical terminology at the proper level. In addition, any document can contain a lot of abbreviations, jargons and abbreviations. Of course, there are more common ones among the abbreviations which  are familiar to anyone, but quite often there are abbreviations that only narrow specialists aware of. In addition, during translating a medical certificate, specialists often face another problem – doctor’s illegible handwriting. And sometimes it is very difficult to solve such "problem".

A competent translator is the key to success

If there is a translation of medical records, it is very important to observe absolute literacy in this matter. Any mistake can cost too much, because jokes with health simply can not lead to good consequences. Our office understands this very well and is very responsible for the fulfillment of such tasks. So we are providing:

  1. Correct translation of the text. It does not matter: you need a translation of the conclusion, references or articles from the medical literature. We will provide you with a linguist who perfectly knows this terminology and will cope with the task perfectly. Because only if the translator understands the essence of the translated text, high quality translation can be guaranteed. That is why we employee only those translators who are perfectly-versed in medicine sphere.
  2. Control of the correctness of the translation. After the linguist has finished his work, of course, he reads his own text several times. However, this does not end with the proof-reading. After the linguist has completed the translation and its verification, the work is sent to proofreader. Only the text, which fully corresponds to the original and was translated without any errors, can be sent to the client. We cherish our name and offer you only the best service.
  3. Efficiency and compliance of deadlines. We have time to earn the reputation of reliable partners and cherish it very much. Therefore, each time promising to implement the translation at certain time, we keep our word and there is no doubt the work will be finished at a clearly designated time. Therefore, you do not need to worry - everything will be done qualitatively and really fast.

Our service

We offer quality services in the field of medical translation. Our company has gathered a team of professionals of the highest level. Linguists with extensive experience in translating scientific monographs. Translator’s consultants are medical personnel, they are all specialists in different narrow fields. All these allows us to translate documents with maximum accuracy. Experts of the company constantly develop  professional skills. Our translation agency has many years of successful experience of medical translation for its clients.

Our medical translation service performs:

  • translation of clinical trials of drugs;
  • translation of registration documents for medical products, equipment and other products;
  • translation of licenses for pharmaceutical products;
  • translation of quality certificates for medical products;
  • translation of instructions to medical equipment;
  • translation of scientific articles in various fields of medicine;
  • transfer of medical diploma;
  • translation of certificates, medical histories;
  • translation of medical reports.

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