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The importance of the correct technical translation

The demand for technical translation is constantly growing due to the globalization of exports. A large number of products are sold in international markets, first of all, we are talking about computer technology, electrical and mechanical engineering. Requirements for product quality, as a rule, also imply the information necessary for the use of the product for the user in the form of a technical description, instructions. All documentation must be translated into the language that is owned by the ultimate users of the product being sold. As practice shows, the formation of documentation in several languages, significantly increases the manufacturer's costs.

Technical translation

The notion of "technical translation" came into use in the seventies and eighties of the last century. This concept means the text translation with a large number of highly specialized terms from a certain field of technology from one language to another.

First of all, it is texts related to engineering sciences: product descriptions, operating instructions, technical documentation as for large objects, such as, for example, a power station or even an airplane, and to products with a smaller but exclusive. It is also applies to specialized literature, textbooks, specialized journals with articles on technical topics. In all these cases, a so-called "technical translation" is required.

Features of technical translation

Basic linguistic education does not include teaching the translation of technical and scientific literature, for example in nuclear physics or aluminum electrolysis. Only a professional translator that is well-versed in the linguistic details and subtleties of a foreign language, can fully understand technical terms and notations. Translation of technical text or scientific and technical translation, implies a formal-logical style, characterized by the accuracy of the wording and the specificity of the terms used.

High requirements of the technical translation

The difficulties that arise during implementation of technical translation are not only concern the fact that the translator must perfectly know the source and target language. The narrower the specialization of the text, the more technical skills and knowledge are required from the translator, even this way he can understand the meaning of the text in his native language. In any case, it is not enough simply to translate the text correctly from the point of view of the language. It is also necessary to understand there are other technical norms, legislative requirements are used in documentation of country in which this document is used that need to be included in the finished documentation. That is why a clear understanding of the specifics of the technical text has a great importance in this case. For the technical text is typical:

  • the possession of specialized vocabulary, abbreviations and terms, that very often have several meanings, depending on the context, on a particular subject;
  • this kind of text is characterized by consistency, accuracy and structured presentation of information, without the use of any artistic stylistic devices;
  • translation requires extreme accuracy, in-depth knowledge and experience in aviation, engineering and other technical spheres.

The process of translating technical texts

Large companies employ a whole staff of professional translators and editors who carry out technical translations of texts on the subject needed. However, keeping the staff of translators and editors is only possible for big giants with a huge turnover and budget. For small companies involved in research and production activities, there is only one way out: to seek help from professional translators specializing in technical translations.

Technical translation requires the work of several specialists. For example, a draft translation is made by a specialist who is well versed in a given field of science or production, and then a linguist interpreter implements editing. Or vice versa, the basic translation is made by a professional translator, and the specialist edits and corrects the terms. Thus, the client receives quality, both from the point of view of linguistics, and from the point of view of specialization, the material that maximally reflects the theme and content of the source text.

Sources of information for technical translation

Translation of technical texts is impossible without the use of sources of technical and linguistic information. A translator specializing in the translation of technical and scientific texts should be well aware of such sources and use them correctly. Literature, which the translator of technical texts uses in his work, is divided into dictionaries, special literature and reference books.

Dictionaries can be conditionally divided into:

  • vocabularies of general lexis;
  • phraseological dictionaries;
  • explanatory dictionaries;
  • spelling dictionaries;
  • auxiliary dictionaries;
  • special linguistic dictionaries;
  • polytechnical and industry dictionaries;
  • abbreviation dictionaries.

But sometimes in exceptional cases it is necessary to study literature of similar subjects for a more accurate translation of the basic material.

What does qualitative technical translation mean?

Qualitative translation of technical literature is an equivalent text, most accurately reflecting to information contained in the author's version. The availability of experienced  specialist with technical skills and knowledge in a particular field of science or manufacturing in the technical translation service guarantees high quality implementation of the order that meets the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Our reliable service guarantees a high-quality of technical translations involving only those translators who have practical knowledge in this field of translation. Their professional level of knowledge in technical sphere leaves no doubt and helps them to translate the most complex technical texts, therefore all the works that our translators implement are definitely of the highest quality.

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