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If you ever thought about hiring a team of professional translators, it would be wise to address small teams that could prove their previous experience in a field or fields you need to work with at the moment. Our team is right what you were looking for for a long time. Should you have any questions about our expertise, drop us a letter and we will be happy to prove that our "professional translators" are not just words.

Technical translation
Medical translation
Scientific translation

Websites & apps localization
Financial translation
Legal translation

professional interpreters

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Apart from translation, we can deliver you the consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. For quite a long time we were and we still are invited to different knowledge-driven projects that require a certain level of background and commitment. Choosing us you choose not just a team of freelance interpreters who were hired in outsource attempt to make everything cheaper. You hire dedicated professionals!

Technical (military and civil) interpretation
Medical interpretation
Legal interpretation

Scientific interpretation
Corporate finances interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation

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