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Voice-over of films

One of the main components of the successful release of any foreign film is its quality translation. Only with the help of a high-quality voice-over transfer, it is possible to convey to the viewer the true meaning, style and author's idea of ​​a foreign film, expressively convey a wide range of emotions and feelings of his characters, accurately convey the nuances of the game and intonations of foreign actors.

Translation of the film, which has a lot of specific features, can be rightly attributed to both the most creative and the most complex types of text translation. One of the main difficulties in translating a film is the need to synchronize the translated text with the original text of the film and with the image in the frame, accordingly, the voice-over translation should always fit to a tight time frame. In addition, the translation of the film should not only adequately reflect the dialectical features of the language and the style of the original, but also the specifics of the mentality and culture of a foreign audience that is to watch and evaluate this film should be taken into account. During the translating of the popular science films, the accuracy of translation of special scientific terminology also has a great importance.


Voice-over is an audio or video tracks with one or more sound mounted over the original one. At the same time, the viewer hears both tracks. This type of translation is in demand for television channels, documentaries and films that do not go to film distribution due to their low cost. Voice-over is being implemented much faster than regular common. Unlike during dubbing, the original speech of the actors is not removed, which preserves the original emotional pitch. The DVD with a similar sound can be found quite rarely. Basically, a full duplication is performed in case of commercial use, which is a much more complex and expensive process.

Voice-over technical translation can be divided into three types:

  • Voice-over;
  • Dual Voice-over;
  • Multi Voice-over.

Stages of work

A large number of specialists are involved to perform voice-over translation. Everything starts with decoding of the text of original and translating it into a convenient paper medium. Then the interpreter begins to translate all the replicas and adapt them to the stylistics and cultural differences of the country for which the translation is carried out. The result is something like a script, only without descriptions of the situation. Each of these stages is checked several times by the editor and passes proofreading. All orthographic punctuation and lexical errors are revealed, the text is brought to the ideal.

Only after all the replicas are divided and translated, it’s the right time to involve voice specialists. They read all the cues while recording for several times, achieving the most similar sound. Sound editors work with ready-made audio recordings. The sounded text is not simply selectively superimposed on a certain situation, it is necessary to make everything as natural as possible. The moment is selected with the movement of the lips, so that the spoken one does not look like a dry overlay. There must be an impression that the character really speaks this voice.

Features of voice-over dubbing

Since the complexity of such voice-over lies in the transmission of emotions corresponding to the video sequence, there is always a need of outside control. To make it happen, an editor participates in the process of work, which indicates errors to the speakers, and most often to the actors. The customer must necessarily take care of choosing a good editor, because the result of the work depends on this. The attentive spectator will always notice when the background voice is overacting, or too indifferent.

During performing voice-over of the movie, it is necessary to take into account: the dialogue of the characters should be the main aspect, while music and noises should be on the background. While overlaying a voice-over, the original dialogues go to the background, music and noise even further. In addition, if the voices of the actors are well-chosen, the necessary balance is observed throughout the entire film, then the loss of the original sound will be minimized, and the original intent of the creators of the video material will be conveyed to the viewer.

Our advantages

Our customers appreciate us for the following advantages:

  1. Efficiency. Our account managers are always in touch for help.
  2. Optimal combination of price and quality. We are focused on long-term cooperation. We have not received any negative feedback about our services so far. We have several stages of quality control of decoding and translation of the film/voice-over text: all the data is checked separately, the text is edited and formatted. If the client wants - it is possible to check the translation of voice-over by the native speaker.
  3. Fast work implementation. We work faster than our competitors. Ordering voice-over at our service, you will receive a professional translator specialized in one of the subjects needed (economics, medicine, jurisprudence, technical translation, art, history, etc).
  4. Our translators are fluent in the most common languages ​​of the world.
  5. Confidentiality.

Our goal is to satisfy all the clients with the services of our company. We immediately determine an adequate deadline for the translation of voice-over text or film. In case of a large amount of the translated material, we involve several translators. The  client gets result only after checking it by the release editor. Terms and cost of each order are determined separately.

We offer you the following types of voice-over translation services:

  • sound recording of video films;
  • voice-over of  various videos;
  • linguistic services of video/audio clips;
  • off-screen movie translation;
  • professional full doubling of video;
  • professional multi-voice off-screen translation;
  • linguistic services of audio/video media and CD/DVD-ROM drive;
  • translation of video films and commercials from/in foreign languages.

What you get in voice-over

Our team of professionals interpreters that has an access to the state radio- and television companies and private sound-recording studios and works together with several professional voice-over artists will teach your products to speak the language of your potential customers

Let people hear your voice.

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