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Localization of apps and websites

Using the Internet, entering new markets around the world is now easier than ever. However, research shows that the greatest success is achieved only by companies that decide to translate and localize their websites for each target market. Professional translation of websites requires a combination of linguistic and technological resources, as well as the use of project management tools that go beyond traditional ones.

With the help of translation and localization, our service will help to make your website known in international markets, thereby guaranteeing the relevance of information about your activities, regardless of the language of the audience. Interaction with clients in their native language is an integral part of expanding any business and, ultimately, a source of growth in your income.

Localization of applications and websites

Localization, is more than just a simple translation of a website, is necessary for any serious company that enters a new market or expands its presence on an existing one. To promote services or products in a new market, the text of the website must be adapted to regional characteristics and current realities. In addition, it's not just to change the main currencies (for example, for an online store) or to edit the size of discounts for promotional offers. It is reasonable to radically change the positioning of some products, and the most importantly, correctly translate the brand so as not to repeat the same mistakes that even such well-known companies as Pepsi or Coca-Cola did.

Professional web site translation is a complex and multistage process that requires excellent knowledge of the language pair, translation topics, search engine optimization, graphics and other components.

Localization of sites is one of the most demanded services of a translation company requiring high qualification and certain skills of an interpreter taking into account all lingua-cultural features of the language in which the translation is required. Localization is the process of adapting the text of a foreign product to the linguistic and cultural characteristics of another country into the language of which the translation is performed. Qualitatively implemented localization is the key to the success of product sales in any country. Localization is a multi-tasking process, including translation of the user interface, adaptation of images, units of measurement and standards, as well as documentation and modification of code fragments. Due to a complex and responsible process, localization requires the involvement of high-qualified specialists with experience in the fields of linguistics and programming - translators, editors, web designers, programmers, testers and project managers.

This process is not just a dry translation from one language to another, but changes of the Internet resource into the native language of the user. It includes the work of not only visible pages (articles in blogs, sections, descriptions of products), as well as invisible ones, which are vital for correct work. Translators adapt the written materials to the mentality of the target audience. At adaptation usually change design of a resource, even can slightly correct a corporate style taking into account tendencies of a local audience.

Localized versions of texts fully correspond to the text of the original in the style, concept and terminology of the original text - thus, the semantic load and relevance of content are not violated, which means that the product will fully meet the expectations of the target audience.

Translation and localization process

Analysis of the website. Explore the platform on which the website is built and after the project evaluation, determining the time and cost of the work.

Preparation for translation. After confirming the order and getting access to the website, IT professionals must extract and prepare content, graphics and multimedia files in a format that can be translated.

Translation of website content. Translators use some special automated translation systems to perform a quality translation of the text.

Translation of multimedia and graphic images.

Editing and localization. The translated text must be checked and edited by the second translator. Additionally, clients can order proofreading of the content by the native speaker to adapt the content to the local market.

Optimization for search engines and translation of meta tags. All meta-tags of the website pages should be analyzed and optimized for search engines.

The final stage of the work its testing of the website by a specialist.

Difficulties of localization

The difficulty of localization is the presence of tags, and the translator must know what to translate, and what not to change so that developers can integrate codes, strings, and form a web page in the appropriate language. The format of the date and time for a particular country, units of measure, error notifications, style and limitations on the number of characters are also important. The latter is important for the correct presentation of the menu and buttons of the website, as it should be ensured that all the inscriptions are placed on the screen without being trimmed. Sometimes it is rather difficult, as words in some languages ​​are longer than in others, thus, the text should be shortened so that the user can understand it.

We help our clients to be at the centre of attention of the global online audience:

  • before localization of your content, we always strive to make sure that our specialists understand the essence and the main idea of ​​your activity;
  • project plan and scheme for each stage of the workflow helps us to accurately determine the principle of interaction with your employees and specialists in order to achieve a flawless result at any stage of the translation;
  • we guarantee that all your web data will be localized exactly as required by the market for which they are intended;
  • we provide the opportunity to apply content management systems for efficient and high-quality localization;
  • our experienced team will select professional linguists to translate the content of the website, thus ensuring the impeccable transfer of the ideological content of your site.

Even the best translator can make mistakes. The most common problem is the lack of understanding of the context. That's why we provide you with all of our tools to test your website. If your company is international, your employees will be able to view the translated web page in the current context. This makes it possible to speed up the process, because problems with the quality of translation are detected and solved immediately.

Our company cooperates only with native language translators, who meet all the necessary requirements and provide the highest quality translations for our clients. To maintain the high level of quality of our translation services, we apply three stages of text processing - proper translation, editing, and quality assurance using specialized software. We are personally interested in the success of our clients and are doing everything possible to ensure our clients to be satisfied with our services. We also support an adequate level of the cost of translation services through direct cooperation with our specialists, without involvement of intermediaries.

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