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Games localization

These days, many areas of our daily life are directly related to information technology. Every day the number of users of personal computers and gadgets is steadily growing, and, consequently, the quantity of various kinds of software. To expand their sales market and the audience of use, software owners and developers localize their products. The localization of computer games is a modern concept that requires the complete adaptation of the product to the characteristics of domestic and foreign markets.

Modern computer game is a complex product, combining various types of textual, graphic and audiovisual information, each of which requires localization. The process of localization is much more complicated than translation services and combines features of software localization and duplication of audio files. The situation is complicated by the fact that the work often takes place in the conditions of a time deficit caused by the hard schedule of the world release of the game.

Localization and translation of games

Basically computer games are developed in English, but it is always much more pleasant to play a favorite game in your own language.

The localization of games is a rather complex and time-consuming process, which includes many different subtleties. This is the translation and adaptation of the game, taking into account the characteristics of the target market, including the cultural context and local legal standards. To perform the correct quality translation of the game, the translator needs to know not only the genre typology of the game, but also the features of the transfer of its plot. After the translation is made, the translation test is mandatory option, in order to exclude all possible errors. In addition to the translation aspects, the process of adaptation of graphic content is not less important, i.e. the changing of the format of various textual, graphical interface elements, fonts, colors, up to the revision of the physical structure of the localized products.

Stages of localization of computer games

Preparation of the localization package. The package for the localization of games includes a file with all translated texts, including text of the inscriptions displayed in the game as pictures, as well as a list of sound tracks and some other elements. The preparation of the localization package is carried out with the participation of the developer, who controls the availability of all necessary materials (including, for example, the installer menu, button labels, raster inscriptions, error messages, etc.).

Preparation of a short scenario. It includes a description of not only the plot, but also the characters of the main game characters and the interpretation of important terms. Based on the prepared description, the specialists compose a game dictionary, which is needed to preserve the uniformity of the translation in the event that several translators are involved in the localization. It is desirable to agree with the customer that the glossary is made, so that later misunderstandings arise.

Literary translation. Experts translate the text taking into account all the factors of its functioning. The localization of computer games is accompanied by control and elimination of errors, including editing of the translated text by editors and proofreaders. Ensure the correctness of localization is possible only through multi-stage control. The translated materials are performed by voice-over of actors (if necessary), and then imposition, editing and assembling a new version of the game.

Deep localization - cultural adaptation. This is adaptation to the culture, when the game is completely reworked. There is only a hardcore and mechanics. It is possible to remake textures, plot, dialogs, character models and on the skeleton of some engine to make a completely different game. Therefore, they do it quite rarely, but still this way of localization occurs. This is implementing in cases where the game without such adaptation is not capable of being perceived by the audience and sold in a certain market.

Linguistic testing. Since the translator often works with scattered text fragments, in the most cases he does not know how they will be combined in the game, he does not see a complete picture of the future product. That is why linguistic testing is an obligatory stage of work. During this process, errors in translation and its functioning are identified and eliminated in the context of the game. At this stage, the established interaction between the translation agency and the developer becomes very important.

Our main benefits

  • experience of multilingual localization and translation of games for leading developers and distributors;
  • qualified translators-native speakers of languages;
  • own development and testing department;
  • innovative technologies for managing multilingual terminology;
  • creative team of specialists in the field of computer games.

Our localization capabilities are practically unlimited: wide number of languages, plenty of translators, proofreaders and editors who are not only native speakers, but also professionals in the development of computer games. We do not just translate games, we adapt the script, characters and visual elements to the mentality of the players of each country. For us, the process of localization is, first of all, building trustful and lasting relationships with the client - from the moment the order is received to the time the project enters the market. Careful attention to each stage of the process: translation, adaptation of the script, scoring, game or functional testing, allows us to achieve high-quality localization in a short time and at an optimal price.

We know that in order to exclude any inaccuracies in graphic, text, video and audio materials and achieve an ideal result, it is impossible to do without checking the game by gamers - native speakers of the target language. Therefore, an integral part of our localization process is the game and functional testing of the finished version of the project.

Regularly updated content of games is now the industry standard. We provide a full range of services of language support of the game after launching, including updates, add-ons and marketing materials. With our service, each client can be sure that the foreign audience will not notice that this is a localized product.

Our services for translation of games:

  • translation of all text blocks relating to the game story;
  • localization of the user interface;
  • translation of packaging (technical and advertising information, legal requirements for labelling);
  • translation of game manuals (legal texts, game instructions, software and hardware requirements);
  • translation of readme files;
  • localization of official websites of computer games (translation work with texts, banners, etc.);
  • creation of subtitles, written dubbing of scripts and dialogues (for example, in the form of bilingual tables, etc.);
  • sound (in the form of audio files).

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