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What sets translation services from Angström Agency OÜ  apart from its competitors?

We are deeply committed to providing exceptional translation services and a prominent reliability for each of our clients. Contact our team today to get the translation you and your company deserve.

We are industry insiders

We rely on a 20+year combined legacy to bring you the best quality you are looking for right now. We faced all issues before and we know how to handle your translation requests.

A team of experienced high-level translators and interpeters decided to unite their forces in a constant effort to deliver the best services in translation and interpretion. Thus, Angström Agency OÜ was born.

Angström Agency OÜ is a translation company with difference. We are not trying to be good in everything and that is exactly the reason why we are working with the limited number of languages. By focusing our efforts on our specific language pairs, we are able and ready to deliver the unprecedented precision and quality.

Considering that one of the main aims was to deliver the highest achievable quality, we employ a rigorous quality management system. We also developed and implemented our own two-step quality control system.

We care about your confidentiality too - your strategic information is in good hands.

Still thinking? Contact us today and get your quote within 30 minutes!

Our services

We provide a range of linguistic services on different subjects: apps and websites localization, scientific translation, medical and pharmaceutical translation, technical and special translation and interpretation, along with subtitling, linguistic testing and voice-over services. Our fields of expertise include, but not limited to: aerospace & defence, civil and military engineering, antimissile systems (missile defence), surface-to-air missile systems (air defence), heavy equipment, oil and gas equipment, science (maths, physics, chemistry, biology), optics, radio stations and radars, optoelectronic devices, lenses, sighting systems, aircraft and helicopter flight simulators, CBRN, and medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Languages we speak

Our in-house translators and interpreters are working with 13 languages: Russian, Belarusian, English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Polish. We also co-operate with several highly-trained translators and interpreters with Korean, Norwegian and Swedish languages.


Our translators have prior in-field experience of 7+ years in different domains. Most of our translators and interpreters were and are working on projects in knowledge-consumptive and technology-intensive domains like heavy machinery, robotics, pharmaceutical manufacturing, etc.

Deadline and costs

If you have a project in mind, send us your documents and we will give you a quote within 30 minutes. We work on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays, so if you have a rush job, we can do it as well.